Happy Birthday, bud.

"In the arms of an angel..."

I would like to wish a very happy birthday to my baby brother Ryan who (as of today) is no longer a teenager. Congratulations on being 20 and “a fifth of the way through life.”  Please note that I had to scroll through nearly 600 self-portrait photobooth photos of you on my computer to select the perfect photo for this honor.  I ultimately chose one that is the perfect combination of things that I love; my brother, my brother being snarky about my love of Sarah McLachlan, and my (extensive) Sarah McLaughlan CD collection.

(Note: I went through a phase after high school graduation where I realized I could buy anything in the world on eBay, and for some reason, I thought the most important purchase would be to buy physical copies of all of SM’s CDs [rather than just the MP3s, of course].  I now listen to them only on rare occasions; even I can admit that seven CDs worth of her tear-jerking, animal-cruelty-fighting warbling about love and loss is a bit much.)

Anyway, Ryan, happy birthday! Hope you have a great day. Enjoy your morning run to Denny’s and know that I am craving country fried steak all the way across the world.


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