Pahang State Orientation, or, “Wait, how do you say that in BM?”

Satu Omelet and Pahang state ties.

Now settled into Kuantan, we proceeded to have orientation, led by the (still) amazing Puan Faridah.  Schools and campuses were visited, notes were taken, lectures were attended, practice lessons were taught, and presentations were given.

The Pahang ETAs spent a little while attending a “intensive Bahasa Malaysian” class, proving just how much BM I had not absorbed during our classes in Kuala Lumpur. The best part of the class was the scavenger hunt that involved talking, questioning, and bartering with locals in the area. I had a nice (albeit broken) conversation with a taxi driver about his family, even though I could understand more than I could speak. [This is still the case, five months later!]

The best part of Pahang Orientation was finally meeting our mentors. Kak (short for kakak, meaning “big sister”) Zaida and I got to know each other through various games and activities, including carrying beans with chopsticks, bowling with coconuts, carrying palm oil seeds on a spoon that we held in our mouths, and (refreshingly American!) basketball.

These things are used to cook rice. It was my idea to make it into a necklace.

After meeting and shaking hands with our principals, it was soon time to depart for our new homes.  Of course, our closing ceremony was interrupted by our ever-present dancing and drumming friends:

You can’t escape that easily.

Stay tuned for next time: Raub and SMK Dong!


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